Richard Medrington

The Book Hunters


Originally from the north-west of England, Richard Medrington was sent to boarding school at a medringtonr01pic2.jpg young age, ending up at Radley, near Oxford, in the same house as Andrew Motion (whatever happened to him?). Following a misguided attempt to study English and Philosophy at University, Richard spent the next seven years leading a sort of bohemian existence in Andalusia. Returning to the UK in the early Eighties he worked in an Antiquarian Bookshop in Southport, as a result of which he developed a serious collecting habit (he has since undergone treatment). He now works as a writer, puppeteer and animator and for the last ten years he has been based in Edinburgh. He is the only puppeteer from north of the border to be invited to perform solo at the Royal National Theatre in London. In 2003 he was shortlisted for the Creative Scotland Awards and won the Edinburgh Big Word Performance Poetry Slam. His poems have been published in Island and Anon magazines. His new adult puppet show The Interrogation premiered at this year’s Fringe. He recently launched his new pamphlet imprint, Puppet State Press. The first three are collections of poems by Richard: Wild Star Flight, Scurvy Dog and An Absird Book of Burds illustrated by John Fardell (see ‘The Flamingo’ above). For further information, please contact Richard at

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