Eddie Gibbons Interview

Three weeks of Thirsty Lunches during the 2006 Edinburgh Festival were bracketed by events featuring Eddie Gibbons, one of the most interesting poets working in Scotland today. Based in Aberdeen where he is an engineering draughtsman, most lunchtimes he grabs a tuna sandwich and the opportunity to snatch a poem out of the ether.

In this audio interview for textualities.net he discusses his latest collection, Game On!. Witty, moving, and always ingenious, this sequence of poems is inspired by football. They root back to his childhood in Liverpool and long summer evenings playing the glorious game with only coats for goals, and they are a real celebration of his close family, in particular his father, to whom an earlier collection, The Republic of Ted, was dedicated.

The collection opens with the ‘The Starlight Cup’

© Jennie Renton 2006


‘The Starlight Cup’

© Eddie Gibbons



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  1. Liz Cope on Mon, 23rd Jan 2012 7:50 am 

    I’d like to contact Eddie Gibbons. Is it possible to know his email address, or to pass this message on to him? Thanks Liz (Alastair’s sister)

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