On visiting Sweden

(a twentieth century poem)

photo by Matthew G Hull

Dis far ahead, I towt it widna maitter.
I wis surprised.
It took a start afore I realised
wan difference dere,
when da aald man spak,
when faiders an midders, my generation,
spak o demsels as bairns.

Spak aboot lives unbrokken in wan place,
uncles at lived ta be faiders,
kennin der grand-uncles, graandfaiders,
every link in da chain:
twa generations at, gie or tak a few,
saw oot der time.

Nae war memorials, nae Poppy Days.
Nae questions at you kent you didna ax.
Naebody’s uncle crippled in a camp.
Naebody’s faider crazied ida head.
Naething at onyeen could mind or ever heard o
but ordinary life.

Years o schöl photos, forward inta time,
wi every bairn at ever sood a been
in line…

Tell me,
foo lang is a shadow? 


a start - a little while


© Laureen Johnson 2009

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One Comment on "On visiting Sweden"

  1. Anshu on Sun, 12th Aug 2012 10:37 pm 

    This is one of mine absolutely frvtaioe go to quick meals just for me. My grandma used to make them when I was little and they bring so many memories.Thank you so much for sharing this at last week Foodie Wednesday. I am little behind on my commenting, but catching up,lol

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