I’m Sorry I’m Still in Love With My Grandmother

Poem by Claire Askew.



© Claire Askew


2 Comments on "I’m Sorry I’m Still in Love With My Grandmother"

  1. Softly, softly… « Our sweet old etcetera… on Thu, 3rd Sep 2009 10:44 am 

    [...] Askew! It was her first time slamming, and she read a haunting poem about northern coal pits; ‘I’m Sorry I’m Still in Love With My Grandmother’ and ‘Despite’. What with Anita’s raffle, and a post-match trip to Black [...]

  2. One Night Stanzas » Blog Archive » The Scottish Poetry Library Quiet Slam on Thu, 3rd Sep 2009 10:00 pm 

    [...] which felt rather weird, but hopefully didn’t sound too daft! In the second round I read ‘I’m Sorry I’m Still In Love With My Grandmother’ — a poem I wrote about a year after my maternal grandmother’s death. I responded to her [...]

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