Magnie da stangie bee

Da muckle bees wi yallo hoopit ganseys
is Bombus magnus,   Magnie tae dir freends.
Du kens,  maist o da bees du’ll see is lasses
bit Magnie’s whit dey caa every last ean.

Du hears dem when dey spölli ida flooers.
Dey winna stang or bödder dee ava
an peerie wyes du’ll see dem wi da stoor
an see dem gadder up a kishie-foo.

An dan dey man win hame wi aa o dis
dan sune back,  gyann ta wadder,  tae da flooers
an wirk lik dis aa simmer,  voar tae hairst,
bit stop fur plumps o rain an blashy shooers,
dey lippen dir weet ganseys tae gie in,
dan pooin up dir sleeves dey’re aff again.


© Gordon Dargie 2009

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