Crossing Borders

Gabriel Gidi is a Zimbabwean writer and teacher of English currently studying for a PGCE at Keele University. He was a participant in the Crossing Borders programme in 2004, one outcome of which was the publication in Edinburgh Review 118 of a short story ‘Dear Honourable Member’. A humorous tale of politicians whose stock in trade is empty promises and of constituents who take cunning revenge on their dilatory representative, it addresses politically resonant issues. His, as yet untitled, collection of short stories is almost ready for publication.

In this audio interview with Jennie Renton, the author suggests that all African fiction writers are challenged to produce relevant, free-spirited work, which will hopefully contribute to democratic development.


© Jennie Renton


One Comment on "Crossing Borders"

  1. max egan on Mon, 1st Jun 2009 3:04 pm 

    gabriel is an amazing teacher aswell as a writer ,his detail makes you want to make it bigger so you never have to finish reading it.
    PS.thanks for letting us use the laptops in lesson so I could write this comment

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