West Port Book Festival

The second textualities.net Concise Ceilidh at Edinburgh’s Main Point Books (location details) takes place this Sunday, 16th August, at 2pm, as part of the already legendary West Port Book Festival.  The festival is not to be missed if you are in Edinburgh.  All events are free and it is absolutely unique in the sense that a group of second-hand bookshops form the main venues for a weekend of author talks, bookbinding workshops, and general literary derring-do! 

‘Concise Ceilidh’
at Main Point Books (8 Lauriston Street, between the lapdancing club and the church)

Maverick poetry, healing wells, numerology and the last of the summer raspberries. Who Looks Most Like Samuel Beckett? competition (no waiting for the result).  Readings and performance poetry from:
Valerie Gillies, who will be signing copies of her new book of poetry about wells, The Spring Teller.
Robert Alan Jamieson
Anita Govan
Brian McCabe
Daryoush Momenpour
Aiko Harman
Jeff Chandler
…and more!


More about the Concise Ceilidh here: http://westportbookfestival.org/news/2009/08/13/the-concise-ceilidh-explained/

As you will see from the West Port Book Festival website, it runs from 13-16 August, and tickets are available either through the website here.


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