Splendid Things

The electricity that penetrates your body
when you hear a particular note
or a particular word in a song.

The memory of a smell
landing you back in
your childhood.

The last little piece of sun,
before it is vanished
into the sea.

The feeling that your life
is circling, within life,
and the pleasure of having
already foreseen this circle.

The spiral galaxy of Andromeda.

The universe and the black holes
that you cannot begin to imagine
or else you would go crazy.

When you find what it is you want to say
and you realize yourself again.

When you truly mean what you are saying
and the other one senses it.

The rhythm you ought to have
to make a baby laugh. 

The pristine layer of snow 
you want to fall upon
and eat.

The trance of a first kiss
that made you dizzy all night long.

The mystery of the world,
you are so desperate to solve.

To easily recall the simplicity of things,
to be aware of the many realities.

To see a dream,
in which you are flying.


© Niki Andrikopoulou 2009


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