Ryan Van Winkle

Golden Hour

winkler01pic1.jpg Like the Golden Hour readings, the compilation includes poetry, prose and music from some of Edinburgh’s up and coming bands. It also embodies something of the unpredictable spirit of the loose collective which runs The Forest. A similar movement about a decade before has now matured into a fully fledged arts space – Out of the Blue at the former Drill Hall in Dalmeny Street, which was converted with a large lottery grant. Largely run by volunteers, The Forest is still at a more fluid point, but its current base close to the university is the focus of a range of creative activities, including song, dance, music, art exhibitions and readings. Its provision of free shows and free space during the 2007 Edinburgh Festival marked its philosophical distance from the commercial carnivores.

winkler01pic2.jpg The Golden Hour features writing from: David Gow, Russell Jones, DanielleMantia, Ryan Van Winkle, Miroslav Mitrovic, Jason Morton, Jane Flett, Ben Lancaster, James Picardo, Lauren Simpson and Nick Holdstock and comes with a CD of music by Jed Milroy, Billy Liar, Black Diamond Express, Tuberians, Uncle Beesley and Ryan Van Winkle, Miroslav Mitrovic with Mikel Krumins, Big Marty, Pandacetamol, Conflict Diamonds, John Crave, Dan Seizure, The Bluesfather, JD Guthrie, The Gutbuckets, The Greenman Bluegrass Boys, Ragland, The Very, Danny Mullins, Pockets and Fox, and Les Enfant Bastard. It is cheekily decorated with cavorting ‘eye horses’ by artist Magda Boreysza.

The Golden Hour is available from The Forest at a discounted price of £7.