It’s Heroin Time

I dream of a serene ending, sweetie.
A terminal taste
I’ve never licked on my lips.
When the sun sets, I want to die.                                                                                        
Every dusk of every day
and every night
I want to die.

I am naked in front of absolute pain, sweetie.
I’m cold.
I climb an ancient mountain of ice,
at the end of the world.
I want to go back
to before I was born.
My abusive hand 
can’t stop beating my mind.
I’m cold.

Sophisticated clothes are being sold for ideas, sweetie.
People say I’m beautiful,
a little crazy in the eye-
I think of myself
as a terrible fish.

I live behind their exclamation marks, sweetie.
I can’t keep my voice straight.
I fall on my knees,
talk to chaos. 
People reply in stereo,
saying everyone loves me.
I ask for their true names.

Pseudo-Democracy is pulling us apart, sweetie.
We shrink our hearts
and raise our egos. 
In haunted moments
in my sleep
I kill each one of us.

But you’ll feel for me, sweetie.
You’ll make sure
I dim my dream,
lying still-
you’ll take me to nothing.
No-one will ever believe that I.


© Niki Andrikopoulou 2009


One Comment on "It’s Heroin Time"

  1. clifford dent on Sat, 30th May 2009 3:14 am 

    I can empathise with your isolation, I am also staying back at the same hotel. Unfortunatly having left Oxford and returned to London my friends, who are all non users are all there, its funny how you can be surrounded by people but lonely at the same time. forgive me i am not complaining its just great to know there\’s someone out there able to express there feelings so poigniantly. You have my e-mail please feel free to corespond. My carrear is on hold at the moment, it would be great to relate to a new person on the same leve.Clifford l

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